Innovate, create, dominate.

About us

Experts in software development, system design, and complex integrations, we have enjoyed years of success serving our loyal customers across a multitude of industries.

Over the past 8 years, it has been a great experience delivering innovation to clients and helping them achieve their technology goals. We have learned so much and are grateful to be taking that experience with us on our next journey as we transition from our office on Tipp Hill in Syracuse and join the leading technology innovator, Rapid Response Monitoring. Rapid is an industry leader and they have an incredible vision for the future of the company. We couldn’t be more excited to join #TeamRapid where we will continue to grow and embrace our mantra of innovate, create, dominate and impact the protection of customers’ lives and property of every day.

What we do


We are well-versed in a huge range of programming languages.


We do data. MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL. Take your pick.

Systems Integration

We get systems to talk. Web services, APIs, and background services.

Mobile Apps

We're experts in native Android and iOS development.

Problem Solving

We bring new ideas and innovative solutions to tough problems.


We analyze processes and simplify them with technology.

What we don't do


Save the drama for your mama.

Office politics

Politics have their place, just not in the office.


Abracadabra... poof!! Problem solved! We wish.

Toot our own horn

Stay humble and get the job done.

Waste your time

Your time is extremely valuable, we get that.

Give you a lemon

We work hard to give you what you want, nothing else.

Meet our team

Peter Kirk

Vice President of Software Engineering - Rapid Response Monitoring

Peter has a diverse background in software development, system architecture design, and system integrations. He has a BS in Computer Engineering from Villanova University, and 20 years of experience working in the technology industry. At Rapid Response he has the privilege of working with a highly skilled team of individuals that are constantly driving innovation and challenging each other to achieve greatness everyday. When not at his computer Peter enjoys spending quality time with his family, trying to stay young and in shape, and waterskiing as much as possible.


Spirit Animal

Ruby is Kirkwork’s spirit animal and truly loves embracing our mantra to innovate (finding new ways to drive us crazy), create (messes on the regular), and dominate (in cuteness). A budding arborist, Ruby likes to keep the house plants pruned, and the carpet nicely watered. Named for her ruby-red coat and her favorite programming language, she can usually be found herding her human sisters.

Our community is amazing.

We love Syracuse and there are so many great people here who inspire us. We work with the following groups, donating our time and services to help them with their technology needs.

Feel free to contact us if your organization is in need and you think we can help!

Realizing your vision is an email away.